Short Courses

On the strength of its over 40 years world-renown research experience,

BM SUMER offers genuine hands-on short courses on Coastal, Hydraulic and Offshore Engineering;
  • scour around marine structures (a recent course on the topic has taken place on 20-21 September 2018),
  • liquefaction around marine structures (a course on wave-induced liquefaction was held on 21-22 September 2017),
  • turbulence in coastal and civil engineering,
  • flow around and hydrodynamic forces on hydraulic and coastal structures,
  • flow-induced instabilities and vibrations,
  • on-demand customised courses tailored for professionals in other relevant topics of coastal, hydraulic and offshore engineering.


Some excerpts from participant experiences, from those who attended the advance course “Liquefaction Around Marine Structures” held on September 21-22, 2017:

As a geotechnical engineer, I learned a lot from the lecturers. I think the Liquefaction Around Marine Structures Course and the book are absolutely necessary for any offshore geotechnical engineer.

Dr. Faraz S. Tehrani, Deltares, The Netherlands

The course is an excellent introduction to the Liquefaction Around Marine Structures book, which is a must have for all coastal/offshore engineers.The trainers were highly competent and are happy to engage in deep discussions with the participants.

Dr. Hisham Elsafti, TU Braunschweig, Germany

…This course is very well-organised and the lectures are arranged in a super acceptable way. It is easy to digest and well-combined with practical cases and impressive videos. I benefitted very much from the course…

Pearl Li, University of Stavanger, Norway


Some excerpts from participant experiences, from those who attended the advance course “Scour Around Marine Structures” held on September 20-21, 2018:

The course was excellent and I found the case studies useful…  I have found this course very useful. Both enriching from an academic standpoint, but highly relevant training for my future career in industry.

Greg Williams, University of Southampton, UK

It is a balanced theoretical and practical course related to scour and erosion topic useful for both academic and industry practice.

Dr. Emanuel Stroescu, Universal Foundation A/S, Denmark

I enjoyed very much in this course training. It is useful for the participants not only in the scientific research, but also in engineering practice. The knowledge you got from the course is rich and comprehensive! I feel more confident about scour research now!

Dr. Titi Sui, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Excellent course, informative and stimulating.

Dr. Xiaofan Lou, Dalian University of Technology, People’s Republic of China

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