Research Projects

Major Reasearch Projects undertaken by BM SUMER Consultants



Position & Activities

05/2018 – 11/2019

Wave-induced Liquefaction Around Marine Structures. Development of Apps for Smart Devices

An R&D project undertaken by BM SUMER Consultancy & Research, supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under the funding scheme of Technology and Innovation Grant Programs (TEYDEB).

2020 – 2023

NuLIMAS: Numerical Modeling of Wave-induced Liquefaction Around Marine Structures

A research project, undertaken by a consortium including BM SUMER Consultancy & Research, within the Framework of MarTERA under the Research Scheme EU-H2020, ERA-NET Co-Fund  

2013 – 2017

Assessment, STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe (ASTARTE)

Mutlu Sumer: Principal co-investigator.

ASTARTE, a European Union FP-7 European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities under the funding scheme of “Collaborative Project”, undertaken by a 26-member European Consortium.


Management of seabed and wind farm interaction

Mutlu Sumer: Principal co-investigator. A frame research program funded by ENERGINET.DK (ForskEl-programmet), the Danish Energy Agency


A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention – SciNetNatHazPrev

Ozgur Kirca: Researcher.
A Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme project, Funded by European Union,


Innovative Multi-purpose offshore platforms: Planning, Design and Operation (MERMAID)

Mutlu Sumer: Scientific Advisor, and Principal Co-investigator,

Ozgur Kirca: Principal Co-investigator.

MERMAID, a European Union FP-7 research program, undertaken by a 28-member European Consortium. Funded by European Union.


Investigation of Interaction of Cylinder Arrays with Current and Waves

Ozgur Kirca: Coordinator.

Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Project (ITU BAP).


Future Generation of Marine Structures

Mutlu Sumer: Principal co-investigator.

A frame research program conducted for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation under GTS-university cooperation.


Seabed Wind Farm Interaction

Mutlu Sumer: Coordinator,

Ozgur Kirca: Researcher.

A research frame program, undertaken jointly by Technical University of Denmark, DHI Water & Environment, University of Aalborg, and LICengineering. Funded by Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF)/Energy and Environment


Ocean Energy Program

Mutlu Sumer: Principal supervisor of two PhD Projects on scour and scour protection around offshore wind turbine foundations. Funded (partially) by Statkraft, Norway.


HYDRALAB III. Integrating European Hydraulic Research Infrastructure

Mutlu Sumer: Principal co-investigator in the joint research activity JRA1: Composite Modelling of the Interaction Between Beaches and Structures (CoMIBBS)


Exploitation and Protection of Coastal Zones (EPCOAST)

Mutlu Sumer: Coordinator.

EPCOAST, a Danish Research Council Research Frame Program, undertaken jointly by Technical University of Denmark and DHI Water & Environment. Funded by Danish Research Council (FTP)


Liquefaction Around Marine Structures (LIMAS)

Mutlu Sumer: Coordinator.

LIMAS, a European Union FP-5 research program, undertaken by a 10-member European Consortium. Funded by European Union.


Flow and scour processes around submerged breakwaters

Mutlu Sumer: Project Leader under the program “Environmental Design of Low Crested Coastal Defense Structures (DELOS), a European Union FP-5 research program. Funded by European Union


Numerical calculation of scour around marine structures

Mutlu Sumer: Representative of ISVA in the Framework Research Program of the Danish Research Council (STVF) “Computational Hydrodynamics”


Surf and Swash Zone Mechanics (SASME)

Mutlu Sumer: Project Leader (1999-2000).

SASME, a European Union MAS3 research program, undertaken a 13-member European Consortium. Funded by the European Union


Scour Around Coastal Structures (SCARCOST)

Mutlu Sumer: Coordinator.

SCARCOST, a European Union MAST III research program, undertaken by a 9-member European Consortium. Funded by European Union


Scour Around Coastal Structures (SCARCOST)

Mutlu Sumer: Took an active part in MAST projects MAS2-CT 92-0047 “Monolithic Coastal Structures” and MAS 2 -CT 92 – 0042 “Rubble-Mound Breakwater Failure Modes”. Funded by the European Communities


Scour around marine structures. Forces on and vibrations of marine structures

Mutlu Sumer: Took an active part in the two research programs “Marine Technique I” and subsequently “Marine Technique II” of the Danish Research Council (STVF). Project leader of the sub-program “Scour”


(1) Sediment transport in sheet flow regime. (2) Combined waves and current boundary layers.

Mutlu Sumer: Took an active part in MAST projects 0035-C and MAS2 CT 92-0027 “Coastal Morphodynamics”. Funded by European Communities


Scour around piles

Mutlu Sumer: Supervisor of an extensive study of scour around piles in steady current, waves and waves plus current situation


Flow around, forces on and vibrations of offshore structures

Mutlu Sumer: Took an active part in the research program “Turbulence Around Offshore Structures” of the Danish Research Council (STVF)


Scour below pipelines

Mutlu Sumer: Co-supervisor of an extensive study on the seabed and pipeline interaction


Sediment entrainment by flow turbulence.

Mutlu Sumer: Consultant. University of Southern California, US. A project directed by Professor Fred Browand, USC. Funded by N.S.F.

1977, 1979

Sediment suspension

Mutlu Sumer: An experimental study, undertaken from June to November, 1977 at the Institute of Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Engineering, Technical University of Denmark to study the mechanism of sediment suspension. Research was finalized in the period June to Nov. 1979. Funded by the Danish Technical Research Council



Mutlu Sumer: Co-director of the project for the preparation of a manual for the design of hydro-transport systems. Project undertaken at the Technical University of Istanbul, and supported by the Turkish Ministry of transportation