With their more than 40 years of experience, BM SUMER consultants are at the forefront of the fundamental and applied research in Coastal, Offshore, Hydraulic, River, Environmental, and Marine Civil Engineering. BM SUMER consultants are proud of the strong feedback mechanism between their research and the consultancy; the research feeds into the consultancy, and the consultancy feeds into the research.

In BM SUMER consultants’ research, attention is always concentrated on the clear understanding of the hydrodynamic processes. Understanding of the physical processes is of utmost importance. This is achieved by use of controlled laboratory experiments, and, where possible, by use of numerical experiments, utilizing advanced numerical models.

BM SUMER consultants disseminate their research results at various platforms, in reputable scientific journals, at conferences, workshops, scientific meetings, and in short courses that they organize or otherwise. A full list of the publications of the BM SUMER partners can be found here

The research work of Mutlu Sumer, one of BM SUMER’s partners, spanning over the past three decades, has culminated into three renowned books, widely used in engineering communities, industry and academia across the world

BM SUMER consultants’ research covers the following areas:

  • Scour / scour protection around marine and hydraulic structures
  • Wave-induced liquefaction of marine soils and its implications for marine structures
  • Turbulence in Coastal and Civil Engineering
  • Wave boundary layers
  • Current and wave loading on marine / hydraulic structures
  • Stability of marine pipelines
  • Flow-induced vibrations of marine pipelines
  • Coastal and river sediment transport
  • Surf-zone hydrodynamics and sediment transport
  • Diffusion and dispersion of pollutants in recipient waters
  • Design and assessment of coastal protection structures

Some selected recent research projects/programs

  • Assessment, STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe (ASTARTE), a European Union FP-7 European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities under the funding scheme of “Collaborative Project”, 2013-2017
  • Management of seabed and wind farm interaction, A frame research program funded by ENERGINET.DK (ForskEl-programmet), the Danish Energy Agency, 2013-2017
  • A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention – SciNetNatHazPrev, A Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme project, Funded by European Union, 2013-2015
  • Innovative Multi-purpose offshore platforms: Planning, Design and Operation (MERMAID), a European Union FP-7 research program, Funded by European Union, 2012-2016
  • Seabed Wind Farm Interaction, Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF)/Energy and Environment, 2008-2012
  • HYDRALAB III. Integrating European Hydraulic Research Infrastructure, Composite Modelling of the Interaction Between Beaches and Structures (CoMIBBS), European Commission, 2006-2010
  • Liquefaction Around Marine Structures (LIMAS), a European Union FP-5 research program, Funded by European Union, 2001-2004
  • Scour Around Coastal Structures (SCARCOST), a European Union MAST III research program, Funded by European Union, 1997-2000


Key qualifications of BM SUMER consultants, and special research assignments as well as full CVs can be found here

A major list of research projects can be found here